Ladies, you probably will not believe me, but being a male can be hard work.

A Common Blue butterfly David Beeson May 26th … still in isolation from Covid-19. We are familiar with male elephants or giant North-American buffalo fighting to hold prime mating territory. Birds are singing to proclaim both fitness and territory – all to lure the female of the species into their lair. Or is it theContinue reading “Ladies, you probably will not believe me, but being a male can be hard work.”

Foreign Travel – Wiltshire! Sidbury Hill Fort near Tidworth.

Sidbury Hill 6th May, 2020. David Beeson and John Solomon David Flora Sidbury Hill Fort is across the Hampshire county boundary and is located in Wiltshire, just west of Tidworth. It is mainly Iron Age in construction but earlier settlement remains have been found. If you visit, you’ll encounter two substantial ditches and the fortContinue reading “Foreign Travel – Wiltshire! Sidbury Hill Fort near Tidworth.”

Of Dukes and Men

John Solomon Harewood Forest, 2 May 2020. A butterfly exploration. I make no apologies for this probably being the shortest blog I’ll ever post. Ileft the house around three o’clock with one target species in mind, driving uppast Walworth Industrial Estate and taking the B3400 towards Whitchurch.Here, driving past the Arbory rest home on theContinue reading “Of Dukes and Men”

Today in the Garden

David Beeson May 2nd 2020 With a traditional garden you see mostly what you expect. With a wildlife (eco-friendly) garden you always have surprises. Sometimes they are beautiful and have one jumping for joy. Today was another one of those. Being May, the traditional aspects of Forest Edge’s garden look lovely. The trees and shrubsContinue reading “Today in the Garden”

The Wildlife Garden in Early April

The Wildlife Garden in Early April, 2020. David Beeson While the UK ‘lock down’ for coronavirus (Covid-19) continues the natural world carries on as usual. Yet, the year has felt wetter and windier than normal – but, that is what is predicted by Global Warming. Now, as April develop, the weather has changed and weContinue reading “The Wildlife Garden in Early April”

You Cannot See the Wood for the Trees

Surely you wood know David Beeson Sitting under a walnut or apple tree when the fruit is ripe is hazardous. A chunky apple or a dozen woody nuts may aim for your head. Ouch! A half-kilogram apple would certainly hurt me. Yet, the tree holds dozens of them aloft … and all the branches, leaves,Continue reading “You Cannot See the Wood for the Trees”

Mammal Mapping and Badgers

Mammal mapper David Beeson When I’m out and about I record the mammals that occur in the area. Now, mammals are notoriously difficult to see. Plants are everywhere, butterflies sometimes in their hundreds and aphids coat the garden’s roses … but mammals hide away. But, if we all keep our eyes open you’ll be surprisedContinue reading “Mammal Mapping and Badgers”