Gallery 2 – 2021

John Solomon

Beautiful Demoiselle, female
Common Darter, male
Golden-bloomed grey Longhorned Beetle
Golden-ringed, male
Grizzled Skipper
Hummingbird Hawk Moth
Southern Damselfly

John & David have a number of articles on INVERTEBRATES.

Riverfly Sampling and Riverfly 2

Odonata Roundup

Perhaps Butterflies are not as nice as you think

Small red-eyed Damselfly

Emerald Dragonflies of Bentley Wood

Simply Hoverflies

Southern damselflies

The Barberry Carpet Moth

Secret Pond in Late June

Butterflies of Salisbury Plain


How about articles on orchids / Rodents in the attic / Slime molds / botany — all ad-free knowledge.


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