Simply mice on the feeder

David Beeson, 8th October

With the wildlife camera back in action, here are a few images and comments.

A UK dormouse arrives and the other mice have a chat with it.
Dormice are somewhat round and cuddly as they approach hibernation.
Hairy ears, fluffy tail and big eyes says ‘dormouse’.
I have yet to capture a dormouse image of them eating other than head down.
Yellow-necked mice appear to dominate around here. If I find a dead mouse it is a yellow-necked. They are far bigger than the woodmice.
Voles dominate the feeder in daylight, the mice at night. and scroll down for over 120 ad-free articles.

Someone asked the other day, “Who reads the articles?” The answer is not what I expected when it was set up: few locally, but about 60% are in the UK, after that it is USA, Canada, India, China, Russia, Philippines and virtually every country except South America. It is now a worldwide package and the most read is: Plants are Clever 2.

Around 1300 articles are downloaded each month.

See Mammal Society: Dormouse_complete.pdf for more information on the species

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