Ox Drove Meadows

This site is just to the east of Andover.
If you want to build these houses you have to give us some public land! Note the dormouse tunnel neat the car and the dormouse-friendly planting.
Dormouse tunnel to allow safe crossing of the road. Is it being used?
It is a small site, but every little helps.
Dormouse box
Grazed vegetation like this tells us rabbits live here.
Wild roses in the hedge.
Lovely hound’s tongue
Not so lovely hogweed.
White campion

It is a small meadow ‘given’ to the local population to compensate for the urbanisation of other local habitat. The meadow will end up as a dog-running area but the thick hedges will supply additional dormouse habitat, nesting sites and food for many other creatures. Good to see the additional planting around the site.

My own dormouse feeder was being dominated by climbing brown rats. The feeder is now covered in wire netting that only allows small mammal access at night. I’ve spotted woodmice, long-tailed voles and one blurr that was possibly a dormouse. More photographs needed! No brown rats!

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