The Natural World in Photographs – 2

John Solomon’s images from 2020.

We can all look at a damselfly and say to ourselves, “Sure, it is only another damselfly.” Today, you have the chance to take a second look at these British species, and to enjoy their delicate form, their wing-venation, the hairs on their bodies and the hues on their exoskeleton. What a delight they are! But, so transitory.

So, may I suggest, you sit back, enlarge the photographs (all wild-taken) and just enjoy our stunning wildlife for a few mindfulness moments. The UK may not have wild elephants … yet, what we have (left!) is delightful. David.

Blue-tailed damselfly (F-infuscans)
Blue-tailed damselfly (F-rufescens)
Common blue damselfly, male
Common blue damselfly, male
Emerald damselfly, male
Large red damselfly, female.
Large red damselfly, male
Red-eyed damselfly, immature male.

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