What do your insects eat?

A photo-essay

17th June 2020

David Beeson

As you know Forest Edge aims to be an eco-friendly garden. It has a range of habitats that change through the year. It has a native and non-native flora. But, who eats what?

The wildflower lawn has now been cut, yet the borders are still very flowery – potentially plenty of pollen and nectar.
Pelagoniums have plenty of blooms but are mostly ignored by insects. No queuing here.
Single and double opium poppies
The double poppies are ignored but the bees are desperate for the single-flowered types. But, no butterflies as nectar is probably absent.
With nectar-rich small flowers this verbena is popular with bees and butterflies.
Crocosmias attract brimstones
Clematis is ignored.
Bees and butterflied LOVE scabious.
Betony is popular too.
Marjoram is nectar-rich
Wild carrot is irresistible to flies and beetles, but butterflies mostly ignore it.
This sedum has a bee fan club.

Great project here for children?

Our butterflies today are small, large and green-veined whites, red admiral, peacock, skippers, tortoiseshell, ringlet, meadow brown, gatekeeper and brimstone. If I looked longer I’m certain a white admiral and silver-washed would arrive. The ‘blues’ seem to have moved on for now.

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See: nwhwildlife.org – Rocky Mountains, USA and Index.

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