No Cut (lawn) in May

Results from my non-cutting of my main lawn in May

David Beeson

2nd June 2020

Sure, this is an eco / wildlife garden and we do attempt to be as positive as possible – yet, the flowers that have emerged this year have been a delight.

The clay-over-chalk soil has been impoverished by cutting (and removing the herbage) and a lack of fertilizer for 30 years, and that could be one reason for our diversity.

For fun, I took all the pictures at F2.8, so there is a limited depth of field but a blurred background.

The first pyramidal orchid – many more expected.
Oxeye daisies
Bird’s-foot trefoil
Semi-parasitic yellow rattle
White clover
Fox and cubs
Smooth hawk’s-beard

You didn’t want to see the grasses, common daisy and bulbous buttercup did you? Good!

As the meadow, for it is now, will be uncut for some while there should be many more species showing their flowers.

Is the local wildlife enjoying it? Mixed message here: the blackbirds and pied wagtails prefer the short turf of the cut lawn, however, wood pigeons, our common blue butterfly, burnet moths, wild and honey bees and various other insects think it is heaven. Me? I’m happy!

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