Was that a Sea Eagle?

25th May 2020

David Beeson

I do know what buzzards and red kites look like. They are around our garden all the time, so when I spot a huge bird I take a bit more notice. And, it was huge, buzzard-like wings and a stubby tail that flashed white. The bird was soaring when spotted then rushed north-east in a stoop – but not going down appreciably – towards Harewood Peak.

I’m not a ‘birder’. I notice them and peer closely if they’ll oblige … so, I do not claim the sighting but it’s worth keeping an eye out just in case.

But, the cuckoo is still around the Long Bridge in Longparish – sight and sound, as are: Cetti warblers, goldcrests and lots of LBJs that tweet at me.

Today, to my astonishment, a marsh fritillary butterfly turned up in my garden adjacent to Harewood Forest. Well, if someone had told me they had one in their garden I doubt I would have believed. But, here it is:

Forest Edge’s marsh fritillary butterfly

We also now have more orchids in flower: lesser butterfly, southern marsh and spotted orchids in the meadow.

Lesser butterfly orchid
Southern marsh orchid
Southern marsh orchid
Yellow flag iris

Enjoy the wildlife around you.


2 thoughts on “Was that a Sea Eagle?

  1. I understand there are sea eagles now breeding on the Isle of Wight…not far away. How many I’m not sure x


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